Friday, January 21, 2011

A gift from a Korean friend

Gift given by a Korean friend named Yari ( Book in Korean )

Today, I met Korean friends whom I have known for nearly two years at Poupyong Station. Yari treated other friends and me to eat Pizza. It was very delicious with the salad. Besides this, I went to a bookstore in Seoul with brother Yari and Sister Jihae. Yari bought this book for me as a gift. Thank you big big, Yari for both Pizza and book. I will start to read this book from today. I don't know how long it gonna take me to finish reading this book because it's written in Korean; however, the content of this book really attracted me as soon as i saw its tittle. I am going to read it when i am on the bus or subway on my way to Korean Air Building during my internship there so that I won't feel boring or waste my time sleeping on the bus or subway anymore.

Book in English

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