Thursday, December 23, 2010

Scholarship application for 2011 Spring semester

Scholarship application for 2011 Spring semester is as follows.

□ Excellence Scholarship (All tuition fees, or 2/3 of the tuition)
○ Standards : See the attachment
○ How to apply
- Fill in ‘Application for Excellence Scholarship (attached below)’ → Submit the
application form to the relevant department office.
- Check whether your application has been completed successfully at the
department office.

□ School Expenses Scholarship/Inha Love Scholarship/Support Scholarship3
○ Standards : See the attahment
○ How to apply
- Go to Portal site → INS(학사행정) → Application for Scholarship → “School Expenses
Scholarship/Inha Love Scholarship/Support Scholarship3” (The three shcholarships are
applied for altogether).
- Students must submit the application form and additional required documents to the
relevant department office.
* Printing out the application form is available from Tue, Dec 21st.

□ Submission Period
- Fri, Dec 17th ~ Tue, Jan 11th 2011
※Submission must be done within the period.

□ Announcement
- Fri, Feb 11th 2011, at Portal site – INS – 장학(Scholarship)

□ Notes
a. The Submitted Documents will not be returned.
b. Incomplete applications will not be considered.
c. Students correspond to the University rule (Restraint on Scholarship Application,
Restraint on Scholarship Benefit) are not allowed to apply for the Scholarship.
d. Students whose term of courses is exceeded or part-registering students
are excluded from scholarship benefit.
e. Duplicate scholarship benefits are basically prohibited.
※ Excellence Scholarship Recipient must check at the department office whether the
application has been successfully completed.
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