Monday, June 6, 2011

Fendi Fashion Show to Go Ahead Despite Protests

Luxury goods brand Fendi will go ahead with a fashion show at the Floating Island on the Han River in Seoul despite strong opposition from anti-fur activists.

The company said on Monday that it reached a deal with the Seoul Metropolitan Government to hold the event on June 2 as scheduled and that it will feature fur products as planned.

When the plan for the show was first revealed, animal rights groups voiced outrage that it would feature fur items, and the city government reconsidered its approval and said it would not allow it without Fendi dropping the fur products.
However, the city government changed its position again, saying, "It is virtually impossible to cancel the show since a worldwide broadcast has been scheduled. As the plan was modified to include the whole range of Fendi's fall-winter collection, we hope people do not focus only on the fur products."

Animal rights groups were angered by the latest decision, and said they will organize a protest of some 300 people at the venue on the day of show.

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